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Davis-Townsend Elementary School

975 Heath Church Rd | Lexington, NC 27292 phone Phone: 336-249-9880 phone Fax: 336-249-8565
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Elementary School



975 Heath Church Road

Lexington, NC 27292

336-249-9880 (phone)

336-249-8565 (fax)

“Home of the Titans”


School office hours: 7:30-4:00


Lydia Hedrick, Principal

Linda Smith, Assistant Principal



This agenda belongs to:











Dear Davis-Townsend Family,


The administration and staff would like to welcome you to Davis-Townsend Elementary School.



At Davis-Townsend, we strive to provide an encouraging, safe, and engaging environment to inspire and motivate all learners.  We are committed to being agents of change by being creative, innovative, and using digital media.



As members of the Davis-Townsend community, we will promote innovation, collaboration, and digital media to encourage lifelong learning.







To increase the degree of educational success, it is very important that teachers, parents, and administrators communicate openly and frequently concerning the progress of students.  This agenda is our official mode of communication with our families.  We will also communicate through phone, email, conferences, etc.


We all want what is in the best interest for our students; our staff and parents play a key role in the education of our children.  Please take time every day to read with your child, talk about their day, sign their agenda, and focus on their strengths.  Parents count!  Come to school, meet with us, talk with us, join the PTO, and volunteer your time and energy. 


Your involvement will show your children that you value their education.



Davis-Townsend Administration and Staff


Parent/Student Handbook


Character Education

Davis-Townsend is a PBIS school.  Our motto is TITANS ROCK!


R- Respectful

O- Orderly

C- Cooperative

K- Kind


Students will have the opportunity to earn rewards throughout the year from their classroom as well as the school for displaying these qualities.


School Hours

7:30                School doors open.  Children report to designated early areas.

  • K/1- Media Center
  • 2- Cafeteria
  • 3-5- Multi-purpose Room

7:30-8:00       Breakfast is served in the cafeteria.

7:52                Bell rings for students to report to classes

8:00                Tardy Bell/Classes Begin

11:15              Half-day mark

2:30                Dismissal



The front door opens at 7:30.  Students should not be dropped off before then or brought to the back entrance.  Cars in the front should stay in the right lane to unload students.  A minimum of six cars should unload at a time.  Students should be ready to get out of the car immediately once the car has come to a complete stop.  If parents need to enter the building, park in a designated parking place and walk with your child, crossing at the crosswalk.  Students will walk themselves to class beginning Thursday, September 7. 


It is important for all students to be in the classroom on time in order to avoid loss of valuable instructional time.  Any student who arrives after 8:00 am should be checked in at the office by a parent.  After getting a tardy note, they will proceed directly to their classroom.  We encourage parents to ensure that students are at school and in their classroom by 7:55 in order to start our instructional program on time.  Chronic tardiness will be dealt with by the principal and school social worker. 


Early Dismissal

It is important that students not leave early except in an emergency situation.  Appointments should be scheduled after 2:30.  If a student needs to leave school early, the parent must come to the office, present a photo ID, sign the child out, and give the reason for the early dismissal.  This is to ensure that children leave school only with parents and legal guardians.  Someone from the office will call the classroom for your child.  Students may not be picked up early after 2:15pm. 




Students should be picked up between 2:30 and 2:45 in the car rider line.  If a child is picked up later than 2:45 repeatedly, alternative arrangements will need to be made. 


If a change is necessary in a student’s transportation (the person who is to pick up a child or if they are going home with another student) a note must be sent to the school.  Please include:

  • The child’s first and last name
  • The classroom teacher’s name
  • The name of the student/person the child will go home with

Due to safety concerns, we will not accept transportation changes by phone. A child will not be released into the custody of anyone other than a parent or guardian unless written permission has been received from the parent.


Please do not arrive to the car rider line prior to 2:15For safety reasons we ask that if you arrive early, you pull off of the main road and onto the shoulder as you wait to enter our parking lot.  Cars should only make right turns into the parking lot during dismissal. 


Attendance and Absences

Prompt and regular attendance is important in the educational process.  We do, of course, understand that absences are sometimes necessary.  To be counted present for a day a student must be in attendance for a minimum of half a day.  The half-day mark is 3 hours and 15 minutes.  If your child has a prolonged absence due to illness, notify the school so that the teacher can make arrangements for work to be made up.  Most absences other than illness, medical appointments, or death in the family are counted as unlawful.  The compulsory attendance law requires that parents submit a written parent note or doctor’s note within three days of the absence explaining the nature of the absence.  Please send the note on a separate sheet of paper rather than writing it directly in the agenda.  Parents will receive confirmation of excuse notes in student agendas.  Any student with 12+ absences will be required to bring a dated doctor’s note.  Please submit an obituary or program for absences due to funerals. 


When a student is absent from school, his/her parents will receive an automated phone call stating that their child was absent from school on that particular day.  The school is required to notify parents after six unlawful absences and by mail after twelve accumulated absences.  The principal is required to notify the District Attorney or file a juvenile report after ten unlawful absences.  After sixteen absences a student will not be promoted to the next grade.  No make-up lab will be offered.



In order for a trip to be considered a lawful absence, approval must be obtained from the principal and submitted three school days in advance and work must be made up.  Recreational trips such as beach trips and family vacations should be scheduled when school is not in session.  


A student will receive perfect attendance provided they are at school every day and do not have more than three tardies and/or early dismissals for the quarter.


Make-up Work Policy

Students are permitted to make up all work missed while not in school.  All work must be made up within five (5) days following the student’s return to school, unless the principal determines that extenuating circumstances support an extension of this time restriction.  If you would like to pick up make-up work, please contact the classroom teacher.


Illness and Injury

Students should not be sent to school sick.  Students should be without a fever, vomiting, or diarrhea for twenty-four hours before returning to school.  If your child becomes ill while at school, you will be contacted and asked to pick up your child.  The Davidson County Health Department recommends that if a child has a temperature of 100 degrees or greater, they should be picked up from school.  If accidents occur, we will contact you for advice unless the injury is serious enough that emergency treatment is needed at once.  In that case, you will be contacted and asked to meet us at the medical treatment center.



Occasionally we have cases of head lice throughout the school year.  Anyone, child or adult, can get head lice.  We must follow the Davidson County School Board Policy Number 6.36 which states:

*All students having head lice will use a lice-killing treatment and remove all live bugs and nits (eggs) from the hair before returning to school.  The attendance policy allows no more than 2 excused days for this.

*Students will be excluded from all school activities until such treatment and removal of bugs and nits have been completed.

Students should be checked and cleared by school officials, a physician, or the DCS health department before returning to class or riding DCS buses. 


Field Trips

Field trips are an extension of the curriculum and part of the regular school day therefore student participation is required.  A family choosing not to participate in a field trip must make other arrangements for their child the day of the trip because the staff responsible for that student will be on the field trip.  This will be an unexcused absence.  All field trip money and permission forms must be turned in 1 week in advance of the trip.  Some field trips are non-refundable.  Please check the field trip permission form for that information.


School Fees

Elementary students in Davidson County Schools pay a $7.00 school fee to help cover the costs of instructional supplies/materials, physical education, and first aid supplies.  Fee waiver applications are available in the office as needed.


Student Information

Each child should return the “Student Information Form” filled out on both sides.  Please inform the school in writing if your address, telephone number, etc. change during the year.  It is vital that we have current contact numbers for emergencies that may arise.  Parents of children with custody papers should update the classroom teacher, administration, guidance, and office staff each year to make sure all appropriate, legal documents are current.  Parents with children with serious or chronic medical conditions should update the classroom teachers each year with pertinent information including emergency procedures or treatments.


Personal Property

The school is not responsible for any loss of personal property.  Personal property should be clearly marked with the student’s name.  Money and valuables should be kept in the student’s possession at all times.  Students should not bring toys, sharp items, animals, balls, glass containers, trading cards, electronics, equipment, medicine, or balloons on the bus or into the building.  Students should not bring cell phones or any other communicative device to school.  These items cause disruptions during instructional time.



We welcome parents and visitors to our school and are happy to have you whenever you can be a part of our school routine.  We ask that every person report to the office to be issued a visitor’s pass.  This is for the protection and safety of our children.  If you wish to make a classroom visit, please call the office to arrange it.  We feel that it is important to promote good communication by having parents and guardians visit the school. 


School Cafeteria

Breakfast is served from 7:30 until 8:00 each day for $1.50 for students.  Adults can purchase breakfast for ala carte.  The cost for lunch is $2.75 for students and priced ala carte for teachers and adult guests.  Free and Reduced lunch forms are available in the office upon request.  Supplemental items are available as long as the student buys or brings a regular lunch and does not owe charges to the cafeteria.  Milk and ice cream at $0.60 each.  Chips are $1.15.  Students may prepay on their lunch account or pay each day as they go through the line.  In the event your child does not have lunch money for the day, the cafeteria will charge the lunch for that day.  Students who owe $11.25 or more in charges will be required to receive an alternate lunch. We welcome visitors for lunch but please do not bring any commercial lunches to your child at school (McDonalds, Subway, Pizza Hut, etc.).   Do not allow your child to bring carbonated drinks.  The use of the microwave is for staff only.


Parties and Food from Home

Each classroom is allowed two parties a year to be arranged at the teacher’s discretion.  Please do not send treats unless the teacher requests them.  Davidson County Health Department mandates that all food brought to school be commercially prepared.  Therefore, all food must be prepackaged and purchased at a bakery or food store.  Do not send home-baked treats to school.  Please refer to the Davidson County food list before sending snacks to school.  We encourage parents to purchase ice cream from the cafeteria for the class if they choose to celebrate their child’s birthday at school however, cupcakes for birthday celebrations may be brought to the office and enjoyed at the teacher’s discretion once all lunches have been served.  For home birthday parties, only send invitations to be distributed if all children in the room are invited.  Students may not receive flowers or balloons in the classroom or transport them on the bus so we respectfully request that you do not have them delivered to students during the school day.



If it is necessary for a student to take medicine at school, there must be a Parental Request for Administration of Medications on file.  No student is to have medicine in his or her possession at school.  Medicine may not be transported on school buses.  Medicine, in its original container, is to be given by the parent to the teacher to keep in a secure location.  Only school personnel will give requested medicine to a student.  Listed below is the site where you can download a Davidson County Schools Medication Form: Go to “Quick Links”, “Documents and Forms”, look for “Medication Forms”.


Discipline Plan

At Davis-Townsend Elementary School, we use supportive, preventive, and corrective strategies to maintain a positive and orderly atmosphere in conjunction with our PBIS theme.  It is our belief that proper behavior is rooted in having respect for yourself, others, and school property.  Each classroom establishes expectations, rewards, and consequences.  Clearly stated expectations help teach children to be responsible for their actions and make school a more positive and motivational experience.  Please see the PBIS matrix on the back of the agenda for expectations throughout the building.


Proper behavior will be rewarded in a variety of ways.  Persistent and habitual misbehavior will be communicated to parents and/or the principal/designee to resolve.


Every October, we observe Bullying Prevention Month.  Bullying is described as:


  • One person is hurting or harming another with words or behavior.


  • It is being done on purpose.


  • The person being hurt has a hard time making it stop.


  • The “bully” has more power. “Power” can mean the person bullying is older, bigger or stronger, more popular, or there’s a group of kids who “gang up” on someone.


The students are taught by our school counselor that bullying needs to be reported to an adult they trust. If your child talks to you about bullying, please contact the classroom teacher, the school counselor, or an administrator.



If you need to add a student to a bus route, you must do so using the form found on our website or by requesting a form from your child’s teacher.  You may send an electronic copy to or send a paper copy through your child.  Please note that it takes up to 10 days to add a student to a bus route.  We will notify you with a bus number, driver name, route times, and locations as soon as we have that information available.   


Bus Behavior

Students who fail to follow bus rules will lose their privilege to ride the bus.  Bus consequences and suspension days will be assigned at an administrator’s discretion.

  • Be ready and waiting where the driver can see you.
  • Be at the bus stop 10 minutes before the scheduled bus pick-up time.
  • If a student is in Kindergarten through third grade, a parent must be present at the bus stop in order for the bus driver to drop off the student in the afternoons.
  • Always walk in front of the bus…never behind it.
  • Sit quietly in the seat you are assigned. Do not switch seats.
  • Keep your body inside the bus. Do not throw anything out of the window.
  • Hitting, picking, pushing, fighting and offensive language are unacceptable.
  • No food, gum, drinks, toys, balls, balloons, medicine, animals, or glass containers are allowed.
  • Do not stand while the bus is moving.
  • Keep silent at railroad crossings.
  • Always obey the bus driver.
  • Students must be assigned to a bus stop and cannot ride the bus home with a friend.


School Closing due to weather conditions

Sometimes it is necessary for Davidson County Schools to close due to weather.  It is essential that every family have a plan of operation in the event of inclement weather.  Parents should listen to local radio or television stations to learn about school closings or delays or check the Davidson County Schools website.  Parents are encouraged to sign up for Davidson County Text Alerts by texting “YES” to 68453.  Please do not call the school office except for emergency situations.  We must leave our lines open so that central office personnel can call us to inform us about closings, etc. 


Discuss with your children what they are to do if school closes early.  If your child is in an after-school care program, check with the director to learn about their procedures in inclement weather.  At times the opening of school may be delayed by one, two, or three hours.  If it is announced that school will open two hours late, then the official day will begin at 10:00 am.  Students may be brought to school at 9:30 a.m. in that instance. 


Student Dress

The Davidson County Board of Education respects a student’s right to choose his or her style of dress or appearance.  However, students are expected to adhere to standards of cleanliness and dress that are compatible with the requirements and expectations of a school learning environment.  If an appearance or dress is so unusual, inappropriate or lacking in cleanliness that it disrupts other students, class learning activities, or presents a safety issue, the principal or principal’s designee may require that the student and the student’s parent or guardian change the student’s dress or appearance.


We recommend sneakers or some type of suitable shoes for daily PE activities.

The following are examples of inappropriate dress for elementary students:

  • Clothing or attachments that are disruptive and are revealing, vulgar or obscene
  • Clothing which promotes alcoholic beverages or the use of controlled substances by words or symbols, or is of a disruptive nature
  • Clothing that contains profanity, nudity, depicts violence or is sexual in nature by words or symbols
  • Hats, sweatbands, bandannas, or sunglasses
  • Clothing that is sheer or mesh, or allows undergarments or midriff to be exposed
  • Sagging pants which cause undergarments to be visible
  • Footwear that may present a hazard to health and safety, such as heelys and rubber flip flops
  • No spaghetti strap tops
  • All shorts must be longer than your longest finger when standing upright


Book bags

Students are encouraged to have a book bag for keeping books and school papers organized.  However, due to limited space on buses and in the classrooms, we ask that rolling book bags not be used.  Students who cannot lift bags or have other health problems should talk with the principal to receive special permission to use rolling book bags.


Davis-Townsend Boosters

The parents of the Davis-Townsend area have organized sports teams that often use the school playground to practice or hold events.  The school does not govern these teams.  The booster club president or the Davis Townsend Booster Club Facebook page should be contacted for information about practice times, team tryouts, or event schedules.


Weapons Policy

North Carolina law declares it illegal for weapons to be on school property.  Specifically, the law states that it is a felony to have a firearm or explosive on educational property and a misdemeanor to possess any BB gun, air rifle, bowie knife, dirk, dagger, slingshot, leaded cane, switchblade knife, blackjack, metallic knuckles, razor and razor blades, fireworks or firecrackers, and any sharp pointed or edged instrument (except instructional supplies and unaltered nail file and clips).  Please refrain from having these items in your car while on school property.  The law requires the principal to report all violators to law enforcement officials.  Please help our school staff keep our school a safe place for students.  Call our office if you have any questions.

Drugs and Alcohol

A student shall not possess, sell, use, transmit, and conspire to transmit or distribute, or be under the influence of any drugs, alcohol, tobacco products or drug paraphernalia while in the school building or on the school grounds.  Students who violate this policy are subject to suspension.  The Davidson County School Board has adopted a tobacco free policy for all schools, this includes vapor products.  This policy is in effect throughout the school day and extends to all after-school activities on school grounds.


Honor Roll

Certificates for “A Honor Roll” and “A/B Honor Roll” will be presented in an assembly program at the end of each semester for students in grades three through five.  Please check the school calendar for times for each grade level.



Progress Reports Issued                             REPORT CARDS ISSUED               Honor Roll

September  25-29                                           November 8                                        n/a

December 11-15                                             February 5                                          Feb. 9

February  26-March 2                                     April 13                                                n/a

May 7-11                                                         June 19                                               June 7/8


Progress reports will only be sent home with K-2 students.  3-5 parents are able to monitor student grades through the PowerSchool Parent Portal on a daily basis.  If you have not claimed your Parent Portal login, please see the principal or data manager to do so.  Parents without internet access may request a paper progress report in writing.  Paper progress reports will be sent home at the same time as K-2 progress reports.


The grading scale for grades three-twelve is a 10 point grading scale.

  • 90-100
  • 80-89
  • 70-79
  • 60-69
  • 59 and lower


Health Screenings

Each year as part of the NC School Health Program, your child may receive a Health Screening. This may include: height, weight, dental, vision and hearing. Parents are notified if a follow up screening by a physician is recommended. If a parent does not want their child to receive the screening, they should inform the principal in writing at the beginning of the school year by September 1st. All information about your student is confidential.


Davidson County Schools

Important Information Concerning Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Federal law permits a school unit to identify certain information as “Directory Information,” which may be publicly released without permission of the parent, guardian or eligible student. Directory information may be included in annuals, sports programs, school newsletters, school and student Web sites, and other publications. Directory information may be utilized and/or released by the school district, individual schools or organizations, after providing proper notice and the opportunity to object to a release of such information to the parent, guardian or eligible student. The following information is considered by the Board of Education to be directory information.

  • Student’s name;
  • Address;
  • Telephone listing;
  • Date and place of birth;
  • Participation in officially recognized activities and sports;
  • Weight and height of athletic team members;
  • Dates of attendance;
  • Diplomas, certification and awards received;
  • Most recent previous school or education at institution attended by the student
  • Pictures (including yearbook pictures) or videos taken by school officials or personnel on school grounds, in school buildings and at school activities unless the picture or video may reveal confidential information about the student;
  • Intellectual property such as writings, art, creations and productions including electronic.


Parents, guardians or eligible student may object to the release of any or all of this information without consent; if so, they must make a written notification to the principal of the school within 15 days of the fall opening of school.


Davidson County Schools’ Board Policy Manual

Our Parent/Student Handbook serves to present policies and procedures that are most pertinent to Davis-Townsend Elementary. It is not an all-inclusive document. For detailed literature pertaining to Davidson County Schools’ Board Policies, please visit Davidson County Schools' Board Policy Webpage.


Title IX and Student Grievances


The Davidson County Board of Education believes all students and employees should be free of unlawful discrimination, bullying and harassment, including sexual harassment, as part of safe, orderly, and inviting learning/working environments. The Board is committed to nondiscrimination in all educational and employment activities and expressly prohibits unlawful discrimination and harassment on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, pregnancy, religion, veteran status, age or disability. The Board prohibits retaliation against a student or employee exercising rights made available through state or federal law, and also prohibits retaliation for reporting such violations. Policy violation is serious; appropriate action will be taken, up to and including suspension (for students) and termination (for employees).

Title IX coordinator: Julie Hamilton, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
Section 504 Coordinator: Tamera Holcomb

ADA coordinator: Dr. Emily Lipe
Davidson County Schools ~ P.O. Box 2057, Lexington, NC 27293 ~ Telephone: 336-249-8182



AHERA (Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act)



                As mandated by federal regulations, public schools were to have each of their school buildings inspected for asbestos, and a plan of managing asbestos that was detected was to be filed with the North Carolina Department of Human Resources, Division of Health Services, Raleigh, NC by May 9, 1989.  Davidson County Schools complied with this mandate.


                The Davidson County Board of County Commissioners hired a certified and accredited firm to conduct inspections of public school buildings.  A thorough inspection of all schools has been completed and a written plan for the management of any detected asbestos is in place.  Those management plans are on file at each school and the administrative office.


                Necessary measures have been taken to repair or remove any damaged asbestos, and the management plans outline the ongoing maintenance program at each location.


                It is also required that at least once every six months after a management plan is in effect, each LEA shall conduct periodic surveillance in each building that it owns, record any changes in the condition of the materials, and make those records a part of the management plan.  Those requirements have been met by the Davidson County Schools.


                It is further required that every three years after a management plan is in effect, each LEA shall conduct a thorough reinspection of every building for the presence of asbestos.  Those requirements have also been met by the Davidson County Schools.


**Davis-Townsend contains no asbestos**


 HOUSE BILL 1032---Permissible use of Seclusion and Restraint  (Effective July 1, 2006)

It is the policy of the State of North Carolina to:

  • Promote safety and prevent harm to all students, staff, and visitors in the public schools.
  • Treat all public school students with dignity and respect in the delivery of discipline, use of physical restraints or seclusion, and use of reasonable force as permitted by law.
  • Provide school staff with clear guidelines about what constitutes use of reasonable force permissible in schools.
  • Improve student achievement, attendance, promotion, and graduation rates by employing positive behavioral interventions to address student behavior in a positive and safe manner.
  • Promote retention of valuable teachers and other school personnel by providing appropriate training in prescribed procedures, which address student behavior in a positive and safe manner.




Student and parent pledge:

We have read this handbook and pledge to abide by these policies.


Student name _______________________________________


Parent Name _________________________________________



Titans Rock


We will play safe.

We will use equipment properly.

We will respect others.



We will sit in our seats.

We will keep our voices quiet.

We will keep hands, feet, and objects to ourselves.

We will listen to our bus driver.


We will walk.

We will keep our voices quiet.

We will clean up after ourselves.

We will use our table manners.

Media Center/Computer Lab

We will leave our area neat and clean.

We will keep our voices quiet.

We will respect school property.



We will walk.

We will keep our voices quiet.

We will keep hands, feet, and objects to ourselves.



We will respect others and school property.

We will keep our voices quiet.

We will keep hands, feet, and objects to ourselves.



We will respect others and school property.

We will keep our voices quiet.

We will keep hands, feet, and objects to ourselves.

We will work together


We will walk.

We will keep our voices quiet.

We will listen attentively.

We will go directly to our destination.