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Davis-Townsend Elementary School

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Staff Handbook

Davis-Townsend Elementary School

Staff Policies and Procedures


Davis-Townsend Elementary School

Staff Policies and Procedures


  • Workday Schedules

All staff members are expected to be at school on time.  A regular school day for a teacher begins at 7:45am and is completed at 3:15pm.  A regular school day for a teacher assistant begins at 7:20am and is completed at 2:50pm.  It is imperative that teacher assistants only work their scheduled hours.  Any additional time must be pre-approved by administration (see below).


  • Sign-In – Sign-out

ALL staff members should sign in on Time Keeper each morning.  If you need to leave the school campus during the day, please see an administrator or treasurer.  Non-certified staff must also sign out when leaving.  This is mandated by the County Office and is necessary for insurance and timesheet purposes. 


  • Leave
    • Required Workdays and Optional Workdays

You many not take flex/comp time on required workdays.


  • Staff Absenteeism

Sick Leave can only be used for personal illness, immediate family member illness, medical/dental appointments, etc. Teachers using leave for a family trip or a vacation day must take a personal day or a day without pay.  Please see the treasurer if you have questions about leave days, etc.


  • Teacher Absences

Teachers who are absent from school are responsible for calling and arranging their own substitute teacher. The following procedures should be used when utilizing a substitute teacher.

  • Planned absences should be arranged in advance. Administration, the treasurer, and your TA should be notified.
  • Fill out a leave form prior to the absence.
  • Arrangements for illnesses occurring overnight that requires a substitute teacher the next day should be made by the teacher. The office personnel should be notified of your substitute no later than 7:30 am. If after trying five substitutes without success, you may call the school office for assistance. You must tell the office the 5 names you have called. Staff are encouraged to use their teammates’ help in securing a sub when needed.
  • Arrangements for emergencies or illness occurring during the school day should be made by contacting the office for assistance in securing a substitute teacher.
  • Teachers who are going on a field trip because they are the parent of a student will be required to take a personal day or a day without pay.
  • Each time a substitute teacher is used the following expectations apply – without exception:
    1. Comprehensive, clear instructional plans
    2. Prepared materials and resources
    3. Daily schedule and class list
    4. Emergency Information including the red health folder
    5. Duty Schedules (If you don’t have duty, assign the sub a duty to relieve/help your teammate.)
    6. Please make sure the sub understands that their working hours are 7:45-3:15.


  • Assistant Absences

It is the responsibility of each assistant to inform the office and the teacher(s) you work with when you are absent for any reason.  If you are absent you must have someone cover your morning and afternoon duties. Be prepared to tell the office who your duty sub is when you call/email to report your absence.

Assistants have the following type days to use at any time during the school year provided you have enough days to cover the absence.  Please complete your time sheet accordingly for each absence.  The district office no longer covers subs for school aged instructional assistants but our office will cover up to 5 days of subs for K/1 teacher assistants.


  • Sick Leave – for a doctor appointment or sickness/death of an immediate family member.
  • Annual Leave – The principal must approve this.
  • Without pay- Must conference with the treasurer.
  • Compensatory Time – in accordance with DCS Board Policy, this time must be taken prior to use of other accrued time.
  • Bonus – If any bonus leave days have been awarded to you, you may use these days same as Annual Leave days.


  • Compensatory Time for Teacher Assistants


Teacher Assistants may be awarded Comp Time for the following events:

  • Meet the Teacher Day
  • Staff meetings
  • Open House Parent Nights
  • Staff Development Opportunities
  • Bus monitor
  • Other times as awarded by the Principal


Procedures for receiving comp time:

  • Comp time will only be given to non-certified staff who are requested to fulfill duties beyond the regular school day by administration (beyond 40 hours). Up to two trade days a year may be awarded to certified staff.  Please see the board policy for details.
  • All comp time must be pre-approved.
  • Classified staff, once approved, stay logged in to TimeKeeper. TimeKeeper logs your comp time for you.  Certified staff, will receive trade days through payroll.


To Redeem Comp Time

  • Please alert administration and the treasurer that you would like to use comp time.
  • You must use you comp time before using Sick Leave or Annual Leave after accumulating 7.5 hours.
  • TimeKeeper will keep your comp time balances.
  • If used on a regular school day, then sign out at the actual time you leave on TimeKeeper.





To Redeem Comp Time on an Optional Workday:

  • Please alert administration and the treasurer of the day that you are using comp time.
  • Note on sign in sheet a “C” for comp time.




  • Communication
  1. Communication with parents is essential. Please establish a routine for communication with parents. Suggestions are: Class Dojo, Remind 101, weekly newsletters, E-mail, web page, agenda notes and phone calls. Please proof everything! Communication between parents and teachers during the school day is sometimes necessary.  The office will handle all calls and take messages when necessary. To receive messages, please check your mailboxes, email, and voicemail at the beginning and end of each school day.
  2. The office will forward all phone calls during the instructional day to your voicemail. If you are expecting a call, please let us know so that we will put them through.
  3. Your classroom may be interrupted by the telephone or intercom for certain situations and emergencies. We will make every effort to keep interruptions to a minimum.
  4. When something happens in your room that could result in a call from a parent please prepare the administration and provide a brief description of the circumstances. We can best support each other when we know the details.
  5. Classroom newsletters are a requirement for all grades – at least monthly, preferably weekly. Please supply both administrators with an electronic copy of your newsletters. Parents can be given an electronic or paper copy.  Please make sure to supply a paper copy to parents who do not have access to internet.  Remember these documents represent the school and the school system. Always be conscious of spelling and grammar as well as content and clarity. You should update your webpage weekly/monthly with a copy of your current classroom newsletter.
  6. Update/maintain your website following DCS guidelines.


  • Instructional Responsibilities

The Standards are your guide for establishing curriculum goals for every lesson. Plan your objectives and activities according to the pacing/unit guides provided by Davidson County.

Instruction should take place for the entire day (8:00 – 2:35).  Students should not pack up before 2:35 unless you have recess at the end of the day.

            Grade level planning is an integral component of effective classroom instruction and management. Each teacher has their own teaching style, but grade levels must meet together to plan. It is the expectation of the administration that grade level teachers will plan together at least once a week for the purpose of sharing strategies and implementing curriculum based on the comprehensive literacy initiatives and SCOS. Grade level PLCs/data talks will also take place on a weekly basis.

            Physical Education is an instructional time. Students should participate in planned activities as opposed to “free play”. Teachers should be in close proximity to all students if not actively teaching a PE skill.   The NC “Healthy” Active Children” legislation REQUIRES that all children have at least 125 minutes of physical education each week. It is recommended that structured activities be planned to minimize the number of student accidents on the playground.  ALL areas of the playground, including the equipment must be supervised at all times.  Outside physical education IS NOT a time to socialize with other staff members. You, as well as the school, are legally liable if there is an accident and your students were not being properly supervised.

            Recess/ physical education will not be taken away from a child for them to complete work or for punishment.  Please work with the office to arrange lunch detention when needed as an alternative to using recess time to complete work.


  • Lesson Plans

One of the keys to being a successful teacher lies in the area of planning and preparation. This is very time consuming, but there is no substitute for effective planning.

            Each teacher has the freedom to choose the format of their lesson plans.  However, some items should be standard across all lesson plans.  Please make sure that your plans include:

  • I can/I will statements
  • The standard or objective that you are teaching (please write out the standard, do not just list the number)
  • A description of the activity or lesson
  • List websites, manipulatives, texts, etc. that will be used during your lesson
  • Differentiation based on student needs should be indicated


Lesson plans should always be open and available to administration during walkthroughs.  Lesson plans should be thorough enough that a substitute could teach from them.  The administration has the right to request that plans be turned in, if they do not feel that proper planning is taking place.  Lesson plans should be prepared one week in advance.


  • Observations and Evaluations

Teachers will be assigned to an observation/evaluation group according to the year your license expires. All BT and probationary teachers must have four observations plus a summative evaluation. One of these observations will be a peer observation. Career teachers whose license expires this year will have three observations and a summative. All other career teachers will have two shorter observations on specific standards and a summative.  All teachers must complete a Self-Assessment and PDP each year.


  • Grading and Homework

Homework should be limited to essential review of daily class work.  Please follow the Davidson County recommended time limits for homework:

  • First grade- 10 minutes
  • Second grade- 20 minutes
  • Third grade- 30 minutes
  • Fourth grade- 40 minutes
  • Fifth grade- 50 minutes

Students should know and understand how to complete assignments and should need minimal assistance at home.  Many of our students do not have the support system at home to give major help on assignments.  Pages of homework that take hours or “busy work” is not appropriate.  Homework will be graded based on completion only.  One MINOR grade will be given each quarter to represent all homework completion for the quarter.



  • Meetings

Faculty meetings and staff planning sessions bring us together to communicate information that strengthens our school. We will need regularly scheduled times to work on literacy, curriculum leadership information, principal meeting information, and staff development.  The monthly faculty meetings will be held on the fourth Wednesday of each month.  All faculty and staff are REQUIRED to attend these meeting, unless approved by the principal.  Pertinent information and dates will be placed on the staff meeting agendas.

I ask that you mark your calendars now for staff meetings and DO NOT schedule any other activity for those Wednesday afternoons (doctor appointments, dentist, hair, parent conferences, IEP Meetings, etc.) All staff meetings will begin at 3:00 and will be held in the media center. Plan for these meetings to last until 4:30 (they may finish earlier).  Teacher Assistants will earn comp time for any time over their regular working hours. If someone on your grade level is absent, it is the responsibility of the grade level chair to inform him/her by taking good notes and getting him/her an agenda.  

BT Meetings will typically be the second Wednesday of each month.

SIT Meetings will typically be the third Wednesday of each month.



  • Announcements

Announcements will be made every morning immediately following the 8:00 morning bell.  If you need something included in the morning announcements it should be emailed to the principal AND media coordinator 24 BEFORE you need it announced. Teachers are responsible for making sure that students are in the room and attentive to announcements at these times.



  • Inclement Weather Procedures

Listen to the radio or television announcements or sign up for Davidson County Text Alerts by texting “YES” to 68453. 


Staff members are expected to report to school at regular time if school is on a delayed schedule due to inclement weather conditions, unless told differently according to DCS Weather Codes.  Assistants may use comp time to come in late on these mornings by emailing administration and the treasurer.  If you do not feel that conditions are safe for you to travel, please call the school and speak with administration or the treasurer to make arrangements to come in late.

On days when students are not to report and teachers have a workday (optional or required) due to weather conditions, teachers should report to work at regular time. However, use your good judgment for safety in traveling to school. You may choose to use a vacation day for an absence on a teacher workday due to weather conditions or speak with administration to make arrangements to come in late.

When school is dismissed early due to snow or ice, staff will be permitted to leave only after all students have left the building and according to directions from the superintendent. 



  • Professionalism

Remember that you represent yourself, Davis-Townsend, and Davidson County Schools.  Professionalism also refers to how we act and what we say. Please be an ambassador for D-T Elementary School and make positive remarks about our school, our students, and your colleagues. If you are put on the spot about something going on at school, encourage the person to call an administrator.  Please let us know to expect their phone call.

            Professionalism also means being aware of your actions in hallways, playgrounds, the cafeteria, at dismissal, and on field trips. As educators, we are always on stage, particularly with the number of visitors we have in our school. Please be aware of your voice level both in and out of the classroom. You may only “lose it once” during the entire school year, but if a visitor sees you, that is the perception of you that will remain with that person, and remember “perception is reality.”


  • Introduction and Statement of Policy / Employee Dress Code

Please view the Davidson County dress code policy for staff members.



Please adhere to the following:

  • NO blue jeans or any colored jeans, shorts, or leggings without a long top, are to be worn on instructional days. This also applies when attending a workshop where you represent this school whether in county or out of county.
  • Future Friday will be every Friday. You may wear your blue jeans\colored jeans on Fridays with a college, career, or DT shirt.


  • Sick Children

Should a student become ill it is the responsibility of the teacher\teacher assistant to call for someone to pick up the child.  Although we must try to prevent students from using sickness as an excuse to go home, we are not in a position to diagnose; therefore, we must give the child the benefit of the doubt.  Please alert administration to any patterns that you notice with student absences or illness.

Teachers/Teacher Assistants/Office Personnel can administer first aid when a student is injured. The staff member who witnessed the incident MUST record the accident in the Accident notebook provided in the health room. Remember, any accidents involving blood are to be treated by the people who have had the hepatitis vaccination in order to reduce the danger of blood borne pathogens.

Report all accidents to the office at once, and notify the parent.  Staff member injuries should be reported to the principal or treasurer who will help you complete the proper paperwork immediately after the injury occurs.



  • Dispensing of Medications

This policy has been adopted at Davis-Townsend from recommendations made by the Davidson County School Health Council.


  • Policy Objective: To provide for the safe administration of medicines that cannot be scheduled outside the school day but are necessary for a student’s well-being and ability to function in school.

School officials may administer medication to students if one of the following criteria is met:

  • The Parent Request and Physician Order for Medication Form is completed and in the possession of school officials.
  • Children may need to take short-term (2 weeks or less) medication after an acute illness. If a child is symptom free and a doctor recommends they can return to school, they may do so and have the medication administered as indicated on the pharmacist’s label.  The medicine bottle with the pharmacist’s label and a medication form completed by the child’s physician must be present.

A school official will give no medications unless it is in a container dispensed by a pharmacy with the student’s name, name of medication, and the date the prescription was filled and directions clearly marked.  If the doctor on a medication form orders a non-prescription medicine, the parent must label the container as noted above.  The principal will determine whether non-prescription drugs not prescribed by the physician will be dispensed in their school.  Medications should be counted in front of the parent by a school staff member.  Both the staff member and the parent should sign off on the amount of medication delivered/accepted.

In addition, it is also the policy of Davis-Townsend Elementary to require that the school buses transport no medication to/from school.  The medication must be brought to the school/picked up by the parent.

Medications must be kept in a secure place.  The teacher must keep a log of the medication administered.  This log should be kept with the medication for the duration of the school year.  Emergency medications (inhalers, epi pens, etc.) must be kept with the teacher at all times and should not be locked up.



  • Lice Checks

It is necessary to have lice checks periodically throughout the school year. Please check the student out of sight of other children and be sensitive. If you have a child with live head lice, please notify the office and follow the Davidson County guidelines. You will need to call for someone to pick up the child from school.  Be sure to inform the parents that they will have to bring the child to the office for a lice check before they will be allowed to return to class.  The office will provide a packet of information for the child to take home. When a child is being sent home for lice, please inform the office of any siblings as siblings must also be checked.


  • Student Transportation

All  transportation notes MUST be brought to the office to be logged on the Transportation Change Form. Please make sure that the note includes the child’s first and last name and the teacher name before turning the note into the office.  No child will be allowed to change transportation without a written note from a parent.  We are not allowed to take transportation changes over the phone. 

            Students who have not filled out a transportation request for a bus route prior to August 6, 2018 may have a 10 day wait before being added to a bus route.



  • Class Parties

School board policy states that there will be no more than two class parties per year not to exceed thirty minutes. These will be arranged at the discretion of the individual teacher with approval from administration.   Any food products must be commercially prepared rather than home prepared. This would include prepackaged food and food which is purchased at a bakery and brought to school. No ice or water-based products (tea, Kool-aid, etc.) may be brought to school from a private water supply such as a well or spring.


Student birthdays will be acknowledged during the morning announcements. If parents wish to send birthday food, etc. please dispense them after 1:00.  We cannot have birthday parties. Invitations to parties must be distributed at the end of the day and only if all students receive an invitation.


If you decide to have a snack for your students, it should be while they are doing quiet seat work in the classroom, or during a teacher read-aloud.



  • Field Trips

Each class will be allowed to take two field trips during the school year.  Please make sure that you receive prior approval from an administrator BEFORE scheduling the trip.  You must plan trips that correlate with the curriculum, and will be worthwhile to justify the cost.  All students must be included, even if they cannot pay.  Teachers must collect enough money to cover the cost of these students, as well as the gas and driver.  The treasurer will help you project the cost for these trips.  Supervision is critical when taking students off campusParents may not serve as chaperones on field trips.  Parents may not transport students to/from field trips.


Field trips are an extension of the curriculum and part of the regular school day therefore student participation is required.  A family choosing not to participate in a field trip must make other arrangements for their child the day of the trip because the staff responsible for that student will be on the field trip.  This will be an unexcused absence.  All field trip money and permission forms must be turned in 1 week in advance of the trip.  Some field trips are non-refundable.  Please check the field trip permission form for that information.



  • Attendance Issues

The teacher is responsible for entering attendance data each day for his/her homeroom. The information that is necessary and procedures for safeguarding sensitive information are outlined on this page. Should you have questions or concerns, please address them to the data manager as soon as you notice a problem.


  • Student Absence Reporting

You will log on to PowerSchool each morning by 8:15 am. After you log in, you should go to your homeroom list and mark absent any student who is not in your room at that time.


Also, please be sure to turn in any parent absence notes on a daily basis with the child’s name and teacher name clearly labeled. This is the only way a student’s absence will be coded as excused. The data manager will code notes each day, so please be sure to send your notes to the office each morning.  Teachers should place a “Received Excuse Note” label in the child’s agenda on the date that they received the note.  This verifies for parents that we have processed the note.  The data manager will contact a teacher if the absence is unexcused so you can alert the parent.


In case you are absent and have a sub, you will be provided with a class list that the sub can send to the data manager for that day. Also, if you have problems accessing PowerSchool, you need to call or email the data manager with your absences, and let us know that you cannot login.


If a student is out for three consecutive days, the teacher should call to check on the student.  


  • Cumulative Folders

Cumulative folders are part of each child’s permanent educational record.  The information contained in the folder is confidential.  The classroom teacher to whom a student is assigned is responsible for maintaining accurate and up-to-date information as required by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.  In addition, these records may be audited at any time by the DPI.  Should you have any questions or concerns, please address them as soon as you notice a problem.


Cumulative records are to be housed in the Guidance Office.  The records room is to remain locked at all times.  Please see Denise or the office staff to obtain a key.


Folders may be taken from this location to up-date information or review.  Please sign the records out when taking them and sign them in again upon return.  They must be returned to the Guidance Office prior to leaving each day. These records should not be kept in the classrooms.  These records must never be removed from the building.


Please do not allow students to handle records.


As you are looking through the cumulative folder to familiarize yourself with your students, check for the correct address, telephone number, etc.  If out-of-date information is still in use, please update all necessary information.  There may be several of the same changes to be made on different forms.  Transferring and copying cumulative folders and portfolios will be handled through the office.

Please see guidance if the folder is missing any information.


Please see guidance if you have questions regarding the sequencing of cumulative information.


The following is a listing of the necessary information, a brief description of the form, and the order of the information, as it should be contained within each folder.  Please refer to this list as you audit your students’ records.


Cumulative Folders:


  • Use a regular manila file folder
  • D. sticker completed on the outside of the folder (Nothing should be stapled or taped to the folder itself)
  • “Immunizations Complete” should be stamped on the outside of the folder (MAKE SURE SHOT RECORD HAS BEEN CHECKED AND IS COMPLETE)
  • “Confidential on File” should be stamped on the outside of the folder if the student receives EC services or there is custody issues.
  • Use the student’s legal name on the folder and forms
  • Use ink rather than pencil (UNLESS THE FORM STATES TO USE PENCIL)
  • Please be neat and accurate


Contents and Recommended Order


  1. Green Inspection Log
  2. Blue Personal Data Sheet (or approved facsimile) it should be contained within each folder. Please refer to this list as you audit your students’ records.
  3. Salmon Health Card with attachments: birth certificate copy or indication that it has been checked, immunization record, kindergarten health assessment, and copy of social security card.
  4. Blue Audiological Record
  5. Davidson County K-8 Enrollment/Registration Form
  6. Yellow Standardized Test Record
  7. EOG Printouts (i.e. writing test, etc.)
  9. Final Report Cards for each year
  10. Individual’s Attendance Report (SIMS Sheet)
  11. Specific Medical/Health Records
  12. Photograph Card……DO NOT USE STAPLES
  13. Transcripts from other schools including summer school
  14. Other documents such as custody papers and/or legal documents
  15. Home Language Survey (if #5 is not present)
  16. 504 Red Dot (for any student with a 504 Plan)
  17. Acceptable Use Policy


Distribution and Management of Cumulative Folders

  • At the end of each school year, the guidance counselor will file all cumulative folders alphabetically and place in the drawer of the upcoming grade. Folders of students pending promotion will be housed in the office.
  • At the beginning of each new school year, teacher assistants will pull the cumulative folders and store them alphabetically in the new teacher’s box in the guidance filing cabinet.
  • The teacher assistant will be responsible for creating folders for new enrollees. Throughout the year, the cumulative folders will be checked to ensure they are accurate and up-to-date.


Distribution and Management of Portfolios

  • At the end of the school year, teachers will turn portfolios in to the lead teacher to house over the summer. All portfolios should be in alphabetical order by grade level.
  • At the beginning of the new school year, the grade level chairs should pick up portfolios from the lead teacher and distribute them to their team.


  • Student Accountability Documents

Accurate records should be kept on each student by the teacher.  Items include:  notes sent home and returned, minutes from parent conferences, parent contact logs, etc.  Always document, document, document – this will keep you out of a bind in touchy situations!!




                        All money received from students for field trips, annuals, t-shirts, etc. should be                            receipted and placed in your money envelope. Complete the money to office form                         each day for all collections. Be certain to include the date, description of money                                    collected, and the total amount collected. All money should be turned into the                                   office every day by 9:30.   No money should be collected through the classroom

that is not turned in and receipted through the office.          


Please remember that a parent cannot write one check for the cafeteria and             classroom needs. You will need to send the check back and ask the parent to write        two separate checks.




                        We will use fee receipt books this year and you will mark who pays                                                on your class list that I have provided for you. In the column “Basic Fees”, you                             will indicate the $7.00 paid. If a student’s fees are waived I will mark that on your                   list. You will indicate whether the student pays by cash or check; if they pay by                          check you need to list the check number and make certain the student’s name is in                   the memo portion of the check.  There is also a column for you to initial when the                                student pays. Please turn the class list with the payment every time a student pays                             for their fees. After a certain date, I will ask for these sheets to be returned to me                             for my records.





In order to write checks and purchase orders to meet the auditor’s requirements, you must use the appropriate forms when you request money for a field trip, to purchase items, or other expenses. Requests must be made in advance since the principal’s signature is required before the treasurer can write any checks, or type any purchase orders.  Remember: We can do no reimbursements to staff – no exceptions.


                        Purchase Order Request Forms: You must complete a purchase order request                             form before we will issue a purchase order. Please fill out the purchase order form             completely. If you are ordering from Scholastic please include your teacher                                number so you can receive credit for your order. If you are ordering from a                                catalog, include any customer numbers, catalog numbers, or special offers on the                                form.



Wal-Mart Credit Card: You may check out the Wal-Mart credit card for one day to purchase items for your classroom. You must give me a one day notice when you want the card, so appropriate paperwork may be filled out. You will be required to give an approximate amount that you will be spending. You will sign the card out after school and must return it and any receipts by 8:00 the following morning. No check outs over weekends or holidays will be allowed.


Field Trips:  Grade level chairs please inform the treasurer once you have approval for your field trip so I can provide a roster for you to keep record of who has paid for their trip. Do not collect any money until you have the roster.

You must complete a purchase order request form for the admission charge for the field trip. You will need to turn this as soon as the field trip has been approved. I need a three day notice for writing the check for your field trip. Please bring a receipt back showing payment for your trip.





Timesheets will be generated by TimeKeeper this year. Check your email and listen for announcements concerning your timesheet.


  • Fee Waiver Process

A fee waiver form will be sent home with each student at the beginning of the school year. (A new application must be completed each school year.)  This form outlines income requirements for possible waivers, partial waivers, or a time extension for payment of fees.  The form must be completed and returned to the office for consideration.  If a waiver is granted, the school will notify the family.


  • Free & Reduced Lunch Process

Free and reduced lunch forms are electronic this year.  Parents should visit to complete the form.  If they do not have internet access, please encourage them to contact the office to set up a time to use a school computer.


  • Student Insurance

A form offering insurance to students will be sent home to all parents.  As you have students transfer into your classrooms, the office will provide them with this information during enrollment.  There are extra enrollment forms in the office if a parent requests one.


The insurance form is to be completed by the child’s parent or guardian and mailed directly to the insurance provider.  The provider will handle the qualifications, coverage and payment.  No applications should be returned to school.  If there is a claim to be made by a policyholder, see Sandi for the proper forms and procedures.



  • Room Responsibilities / Maintenance

Each of us wants to work in a clean, well-kept school.  This must be a joint venture and will require the effort, concern and cooperation of all.

  1. Be energy conscious and make sure we turn off all lights, electrical equipment, etc. when not in use. Follow all DCS energy guidelines.
  2. Keep desks, cabinets, and storage areas neat and orderly.
  3. Report repair needs to the head custodian or the office.
  4. Place all chairs on the desks/tables and have students pick up all crayons, pencils, and large pieces of paper before the end of the day, so your classroom can be vacuumed efficiently.
  5. Help students learn to accept their role in keeping the school clean.


  • Children Before and After School

There will be children that arrive early or will be staying after dismissal, for many different reasons whether they are teachers’ children, students for tutoring, enrichment, making up work, or students that we invited to help us in some way.  Remember that we must accept responsibility to supervise these children while on school grounds.  We cannot allow them the freedom to roam halls, be in the office, visit the teacher’s lounge to get snacks, sell for fundraisers, hang out around the school, etc.  Most of all we cannot allow them to distract us from using our time wisely during working hours.


If you assume or are assigned responsibility for children in the afternoon or if you are a parent and your children will be staying here with you, please take time to talk with them about what is expected and make sure the rules are followed.  Talk with them about their responsibility not to interfere with other staff members as they do their jobs.


  • Students should report to the room of the supervising teacher immediately at dismissal. Children of Davis-Townsend employees should go to their parent’s room/area at dismissal.
  • Children should not be in lounges/kitchens/staff restrooms.
  • Children should not be in and out of the office or up and down the halls.
  • Make plans to take care of their needs (restroom, snacks, etc.) soon after they arrive. Do not leave students unattended in classrooms, halls, lunchroom, or outside.


  • Davidson County Schools are tobacco-free!
    According to Davidson County School Policy, all school employees shall not smoke, dip, chew, or otherwise use any form of tobacco products:
    • In the presence of students or on school property at any time; this includes personal vehicles.
    • On school sponsored transportation which is used to transport students.
    • At school sponsored activities with students.
    • Any staff member found abusing this NO Tobacco Policy will receive a written reprimand and then face dismissal.


  • Progress Reports

Report Cards are issued at the end of every nine weeks.  In addition, K-2 teachers are expected to use the “Interim Progress Report” to inform parents about unsatisfactory work during the grading period or to recognize significant improvement in the quality of work being done.  3-5 parents can access this information on PowerSchool Parent Portal but please send a reminder for them to do so in student agendas or using Class Dojo.  Please send work samples home on a weekly basis so that parents are informed of their child’s progress.  It is also important for parents to know their child’s behavior.  Honor roll breakfasts will be held to honor students this year 7:30-8:00 in the art room unless otherwise noted.



Progress Reports Issued             REPORT CARDS ISSUED           Honor Roll

September  24-28                            November 7                                     3rd grade- Nov. 14

                                                                                                                        4th grade- Nov. 15

                                                                                                                        5th grade- Nov. 16

December 3-7                                   January 31                                        3rd grade- Feb. 6

                                                                                                                        4th grade- Feb. 7

                                                                                                                        5th grade- Feb. 8

February  25-March 1                      April 5                                                 5th grade- April 12

                                                                                                                        3rd grade- April 17

                                                                                                                        4th grade- April 18

May 6-10                                            June 18                                             3rd grade- June 5

                                                                                                                        4th grade- June 6

                                                                        5th grade promotion ceremony- 10:00, June 7



  • Grading Scale

The numerical grading scale in Grades 3-5:

  • A (90-100)
  • B (80-89)
  • C (70-79)
  • D (60-69)
  • E (Below 59)


  • Parental Conferences

Parental conferences are an extremely important and necessary aspect of education, especially in regards to the elementary school.  Conferences develop good rapport with parents, keep lines of communications open, and help establish the school as an open, caring, and professional organization.  Please remember that the purpose of the conference is to inform the parent of the student’s progress.  It is inappropriate for the teacher to “diagnose” learning/behavior problems.  All parents should be invited and encouraged to attend a conference after the first quarter of school.  We will utilize this time for report card pickup.  Parents of at-risk students will be invited to follow-up conferences throughout the year.  Please make sure to make time for parents who request conferences throughout the year.



  • Good News Calls

Each teacher is asked to contact all parents of their students within the first month of school.  This is a “Good News” call, welcoming their child to your class.  This is good PR and paves the way if we have to make a “Bad News” call.  Teachers should log these calls on the “Good News Phone Log” in google docs.  Please complete this activity by the end of September.   Please try to speak to a parent even if it means trying more than one time.  Speaking to the parent directly instead of leaving a message on an answering machine goes a long way.



  • Exceptional Children and 504

It is every teacher’s responsibility to be aware of and provide appropriate student modifications and accommodations as specified by an IEP or 504 plan.  These plans are legal documents and will be reviewed with you.  Staff members should never indicate or suggest to a parent that their child needs or should be placed on an IEP or 504 plan.  If a parent requests testing or a 504 plan for their child, please educate them about our MTSS process.  This ensures that their child receives interventions throughout the process.


Substitute Folder and Emergency Plans

Every teacher will need to complete a set of Emergency Lesson Plans to turn in to the assistant principal. These plans need to be general in nature. The lesson plans should also include class roll, seating charts, lunch schedules, procedures for dismissal, medication for students, and any other pertinent information that a substitute may need. Hopefully, you will never need to use these, but if you do, please replace them so we will be prepared. 


  • Daily Schedule

Each teacher will follow the master schedule.  This will be monitored during observations and walkthroughs.  A copy of that schedule should be posted outside of your door at all times.  If you need to make an adjustment to your schedule due to a speaker, project, etc. please inform both administrators via email at least one day in advance.  It also helps remind us if you put a sticky note directly on the schedule.


  • Classroom Management / Behavior Plan / Discipline Procedures

Davis-Townsend is a PBIS school.  The PBIS matrix should be monitored and upheld by all staff members. 


Classroom discipline is basically a matter for the teacher/instructional assistant. He/She is the one who is accountable for the general behavior of the students assigned to him/her.


Each teacher shall turn in their behavior plan by the end of the first two weeks of

school to administration. It should outline your procedure, consequences, and actions to be taken. At the onset of problems with a student, begin regular classroom management techniques for correction (varies by teacher).  DOCUMENT your efforts.  Establish classroom procedures and expectations on Day One, and continue to review as necessary.  Use the student agenda, parent phone calls, and individual student conferences as necessary.


Serious problems, ongoing situations that have not been resolved, or matters needing immediate attention should be referred to the administration. When a teacher feels office assistance is needed with a problem, please call the office to see if someone is available to pick the student up. A PBIS Discipline Referral Form MUST be completed and sent with the student. The administration will deal with the problem in a timely manner and inform the teacher of his/her actions.


Immediate office referrals should be used for the following offenses:

  • Fighting – use judgment here – there is a difference between fight and “push/shove”
  • Possession of prohibited objects
  • Extreme disruption
  • Extreme / continued disrespect to staff members or students


                  Minor Behaviors that teachers are expected to handle in the classroom:

      • Minor unacceptable language
      • Lack of class materials
      • Being out of their seat
      • Talking/Speaking out of turn
      • Arguing with others (staff should never argue with a student)
      • Minor theft
      • Sarcasm and minor attitude problems
      • Throwing small items
      • Inattentiveness or refusing to work
      • Chewing gum
      • Inability to complete classwork


  • Student Restraint:

Students can only be physically restrained if there is a danger to themselves, other students, or staff (example:  fighting, out of control behavior, threat of escape).  It is not acceptable to place your hands on a student for discipline reasons.  Please call the office for the CPI team if you feel that restraint may need to be used. 


  • Grade Level Meetings

            In order to stay more informed of our students, to exchange ideas and to discuss problems pertaining to your grade level, each grade level will meet weekly during your enrichment time.  Some of these meetings may include the principal, support staff, or specialists.  Grade level meetings are for the purpose of weekly planning using the CCSS and the Davidson County Pacing Guides during each planning session.




  • Copy Machines

The copy machines are available in the teacher’s lounge/work area for teacher and assistant use. Volunteers may run copies for classroom teachers as needed.


All copiers, except the riso machines, require a code in order to operate. All staff will be assigned a new code to operate the machines. All of the copy machines are programmed to operate with the numbers, except the riso machines.  All paper will be stored in the workrooms and paper will always be available in the machines. This should eliminate wear and tear on the machines and keep our machines in working order. Please run copies front and back to conserve paper when possible.  Teachers should work to eliminate worksheets whenever possible as student created work is preferred.  Students should be involved in literature activities, small group instruction, and hands-on activities. 


  • Telephone System

The following is a brief description of how to use the telephone system.

  • Calling from classroom to classroom simply dial the extension.
  • Calling outside of the school (local calls only), dial 9, wait for a dial tone, then dial the area code and phone number.
  • Please do not use the phone to make long distance calls for personal reasons.


  • Display of Student Work

Displaying authentic student work is extremely important to the students and families. All student work should be changed frequently; at least monthly (including the hall bulletin boards and cork strips). All displays should be authentic student work. The emphasis is on student work not background paper, etc. The students feel pride in their own work. Student work should reflect what is being taught in each classroom at the current time. 


Please see the bulletin board schedule to know what subject  should be displayed on the grade level cork strips each month.


Worksheets or anything copied from a copier should NOT be displayed. Grades or teacher comments should never be on any paper that is displayed.


  • Items to be displayed in every classroom
  • Tornado Drill Map
  • Fire Drill Map
  • Emergency Plans
  • Red cards




  • Davidson County Schools Grievance Procedures
  • Employees who desire to file a grievance concerning the decision of a principal or supervisor or report illegal or improper behavior including any form of illegal discrimination or harassment should follow policy 4.13in the Teacher’s Policy Manual. This is available in the school office or the personnel division of the central office.
  • Students who desire to file a grievance or report of illegal discrimination or harassment should report the concern, in writing, to the school principal. If the student finds it inappropriate to file the grievance with the principal, he/she may submit the concern in writing to the Office of the Superintendent, Davidson County Schools, PO Box 2057, Lexington, NC 27293-2057

This is to meet compliance with Title IX, Section 86 (B0 and Section 106.8; Section 504, 104.7 and 104.8.


  • Board Policy

Employees who desire to review current Davidson County Board Policies can view a complete policy manual in the school office.


  • Title IX

The Davidson County Board of Education believes all students and employees should be free of unlawful discrimination, bullying and harassment, including sexual harassment as part of a safe, orderly, and inviting learning/working environments. The Board is committed to nondiscrimination in all educational and employment activities and expressly prohibits unlawful discrimination and harassment on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, pregnancy, religion, veteran status, age, or disability. The Board prohibits retaliation against a student or employee exercising rights made available through state or federal law, and also prohibits retaliation for reporting such violations, Policy violation is serious, appropriate action will be taken, up to and including suspension (for students) and termination (for employees).


For additional information contact:


Title IX coordinator: Julie Hamilton, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources

Sections 504/ADA coordinator;

Davidson County Schools Po Box 2057, Lexington, NC 27293, 336-249-8181



  • Hiring Employment and Student Placement Practices

The Davidson County Schools do not engage in any employment practice that discriminates against any employee or applicant for employment based on sex or disability. The Davidson County Schools do not engage in any employment or placement practice that discriminates on the basis of race, color, or national origin if such discrimination tends to result in segregation, exclusion, or discrimination against students. Anyone who feels their rights as a citizen, student, or employee have been violated in relation to the above statement should contact:

Davidson County Schools

PO Box 2057

Lexington, NC 27293-2057